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EchoStar Satellite Services (ESS) is an industry-leading provider of satellite communications infrastructure and solutions to media and broadcast organizations, pay-TV operators, enterprise customers, and U.S. government and military service providers. In 1995, we took a risk, launching our first satellite, EchoStar I. The success of this first launch laid the foundation for our company’s satellite future.

In 2001, our state-of-the-art Spacecraft Operations Center took control of its first satellite, EchoStar III. Today, EchoStar is one of only a few companies in North America that can perform full satellite management. Our Spacecraft Operations and Engineering team provides world-class services for our fleet of 24 satellites. This fleet will continue to grow as we launch new satellites over the next few years.

Looking toward the future, we continue to explore new opportunities to push the boundaries and grow our satellite-related business.

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echostar satellite services brings reliable and innovative solutions to the satellite industry

Satellite Fleet

EchoStar boasts the world’s fourth-largest commercial geosynchronous fleet, with 24 satellites. ESS provides video distribution, data communications and backhaul services to meet the needs of media and broadcast organizations, direct-to-home providers, enterprise customers and government service providers.

Satellite communications supporting:

  • » Media and Broadcast Organizations
  • » Enterprise Customers
  • » U.S. Government Service Providers
  • » Military Applications

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Products and Services

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Satellite Operations & Systems Engineering

We manage the design, procurement, launch and operation of satellites for EchoStar and our customers.

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Enterprise Services

We offer data and video transport solutions for disaster recovery, offshore applications, film distribution and rural broadband applications.

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Satellite Programs and Spectrum Management

We are responsible for spectrum acquisition and development for EchoStar. We also ensure that EchoStar’s satellites are designed and operated in compliance with licenses and regulations.

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Government Services

U.S. Government service providers rely on our full range of advanced communication services for government and military applications.

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Broadcast Satellite Services

We provide satellite services to DISH Network and Dish Mexico for direct-to-home television services.

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Mobile Satellite Services

We provide satellite capacity, management of satellites and spectrum for mobile satellite services, as well as satellite operations for EchoStar and our customers.

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Media and Broadcast Services

We provide the broadcast industry with satellite services for full-time video transport and digital cinema distribution, as well as for occasional use services, including Satellite News Gathering (SNG) and the delivery of sports and special events.

EchoStar Mobile

EchoStar Mobile Limited (EML), a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is a mobile operator providing connectivity across Europe.

EML provides access to a hybrid satellite and terrestrial network enabling enhanced mobile voice and data communications for consumers, government agencies and businesses. Operating across Europe in frequency bands adjacent to the existing 3G mobile bands, our integrated network design opens up new opportunities to deliver next-generation data and voice services.

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